Traditional Lands

Our Area

KFN Primary Traditional Territory

The Traditional practices and spiritual beliefs of the K’atlodeeche people connect them to plants, animals, lands and waters of their homelands. Their culture is instilled with a sense of responsibility to care for the natural world and deep concern for its well being.

Preserving History

Protecting Our Resources

The K’atlodeeche people continue to value the resources provided by the land and want to protect culturally and ecologically important species and habitats. Today many KFN members hunt, trap, and gather resources in the same areas their grandparents and ancestors once lived and traveled. There are many areas within Buffalo Lake, River and Trails that are important or sacred to the KFN and are critical to their well being and identity. KFN is currently involved with the NWT Protected Area Strategy and if you would like more information to check on: nwtpas.ca/area-ejietuendade