Land and Resources

See below for current Land and Resources contact info.


Peter Redvers

Director of Lands, Resources and Negotiations

Joseph Gormaly

Environmental Program Manager
867-874-6701 ext. 1023

Andy Cardinal

Negotiations Assistant
867-874-6701 ext. 1020

Aaron Tambour

Lands Technician

Irene Graham

Guardian Coordinator

Victoria St. Jean

Lands Manager

KFN has hired one of our own members, Victoria St Jean, to be the Land Code Coordinator for the interim and to get things started. Victoria holds a Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma from Grand Prairie Regional College and had worked as a KFN Lands Manager from 2003 to 2013 before moving away to further her education. She believes that “having our own land code will empower KFN Band members to have a say in how we govern the Reserve lands and resources.

Environmental Programming

Nahendeh Kehotsendı

Cumulative Impact Monitoring

Indigenous Climate Change Monitoring

AAROM Programming and Research

  • Community Based Monitoring
  • Inconnu Research
  • Great Slave Lake Fisheries Research

Harvest Monitoring

Boreal Caribou Range Planning

Waste Reduction and Management

Land Use Planning

Other Projects and Programs

Negotiations and Consultations

Treaty Land Entitlement Land Shortfall

Recognition of Rights and Self-Determination

Forest Management Plan

Wildlife Research and Monitoring Agreement

Wood Buffalo National Park Collaborative Management

Great Slave Lake Indigenous Fisheries Management Board

  • KFN Aboriginal Communal Fishering Licenses Regulations


Aboriginal Steering Committee to the NWT Water's Strategy

Inter-Governmental Council Secretariat

  • NWT Legislation and Policy Development

Section 35 Consultation on North West Territory Metıs Nation Draft Final Agreement

Consultations on Federal Legislation

Kátł’odeeche First Nation Land Law

Hunters and Trappers Committee

The K’atl’odeeche First Nation Hunters and Trappers Program is used to assist and offset costs community hunters and trappers encumber while practicing a traditional way of life. There is an annual Fall and Spring hunt that provides traditional food for the community.