Culture & History

K’atlo’deeche First
Nation Culture

Most of the residents are South Slavey Dene, who have occupied these lands for thousands of years. The region is rich in wildlife and natural beauty.

But, long before settlement of the Anglican Mission Church, Roman Catholic Church, Trading post and RCMP the South Slavey Dene used the mouth of the river site for a fish camp, taking advantage of the plentiful fish runs during fish seasons.

People would camp out on the shores of Buffalo Lake and are still using the traditional hunting land; Dene life needed rhythms of the land. They lived in harmony with the land and made good use of it’s resources.

Today, KFN is a thriving community, healing many wounds and building a viable economic base for itself and future generations.

Dene Laws

1: “You must share with others”

2: Do not run around when elders are eating

3: Love each other as much as possible

4: Do not harm with actions

5: Be polite. Do not use words which hurt people.

6: When children start to talk, parents are to teach them to be good citizens, to love one another, and to use medicine power only to help people in need.

7: Elders should gather each day to teach the laws. Elders must teach children to be good citizens and act like human beings. Elders must tell stories about the past each day because stories shape behavior and attitudes. Through storied about mistakes made in the past and present, elders can prevent people from making mistakes in the future.