About KFN’s

Community Plan

A Comprehensive Community Plan (CPP) looks at where we have been, where we are now, where we would like to be in the future, and how we want to get there. It is being created by KFN to help us achieve our vision. The whole community is involved in building this roadmap towards sustainability, self-sufficiency, and better governance. The Community Plan describes what is important to community members by discussing all areas, including lands and resources, education and capacity building, health and wellness, language and culture, capital and infrastructure development, and more.

Planning Journey

In 2015, Chief and Council initiated the Community Planning journey through funding from INAC. Four days of workshops were completed with Chief and Council, KFN staff members, Elders and additional Band Members. To ensure that as many Band Members as possible were able to contribute to the development of the plan, the project lead also held interviews with working young adults, unemployed young adults, and youth.
Drumming at the Arbour. Pic @AaronTambour

In addition, key staff members working on reserve for the Educational District, the Band and the Dehcho Health Authority were interviewed for their perspectives. Finally, several Government of Northwest Territories and non-profit society staff members were interviewed in order to develop a deeper understanding of issues and programs or resources available to address them.

In February of 2017, KFN got funding for Phase Two of the CCP, which will end in March of 2018. Phase Two allows for deeper and more regular engagement of KFN community members to inform all aspects of the CCP.

A Community Plan includes planning for all aspects of the community and seeks to involve the whole community. The topic areas that being explored in depth are:

Education & Training


Land & Resources





Infrastructure Development