Lands and Resources

Department Information

The Lands and Resources Department of the Katl’odeeche First Nation (KFN) was reorganized in 2015.  Chief and Council retain overall control and direction with respect to all lands and resources matters, with direct input from membership, particularly elders.  There is now a Director of Lands, Resources, and Negotiations position, currently held by Peter Redvers, which reports to Council but is responsible for implementing a broad range of lands and resources activities.  There is also a Lands and Resources Technician position, currently held by Henry Tambour, which provides a wide range of technical support, including GIS support, and also plays a key role in monitoring and harvester consultation activities.

The main focus of the Department is Treaty and Aboriginal rights implementation within the Katl’odeeche First Nation primary traditional territory (see attached map).  The Katl’odeeche First Nation has not ceded, released, or surrendered its inherent rights within its traditional territory and maintains a wide range of lands and resources rights, including harvesting, use and occupancy, resource management, self-government, and Aboriginal title rights.

The Lands and Resources Department office is located on the Hay River Dene Reserve, which is the base from which the Katl’odeeche First Nation maintains and strengthens its traditional relationship with the land, wildlife, and waters within its territory.


Current Department Projects

The files that the Lands and Resources Department is currently working on include the following:

  • ·       Negotiation of and participation in the Wood Buffalo National Park Cooperative Management Committee;
  • ·       Negotiation of a Memorandum of Understanding with Parks Canada regarding Area 1211, KFN’s group harvesting area, to increase KFN research, monitoring, and tourism activities;
  • ·       Negotiation of an appropriate designation and management structure for a Cultural Conservation Area for Ejie Tue Ndade, the area around Buffalo Lake -- on the west end of the lake and including Ejie Tue Dehe (Buffalo River);
  • ·       Negotiations with the Government of the NWT for increased and more meaningful roles for KFN in wildlife management and forest management planning within the KFN primary traditional territory;
  • ·       Participation in the NWT Devolution Agreement’s Intergovernmental Council (IGC) and IGC Secretariat;
  • ·       Participation in the Aboriginal Steering Committee of the NWT Water Strategy;
  • ·       Participation in eco-system based water monitoring associated with the NWT Water Strategy, the Dehcho AAROM program, and the Alberta-NWT Transboundary Water Agreement;
  • ·       Participation in environmental assessments and regulatory processes associated with resource development activities within or affecting the KFN traditional territory;
  • ·       Negotiation of a land shortfall specific claim arising from the original establishment of the Hay River Dene Reserve;
  • ·       Negotiation of an Agricultural Benefits specific claim with Canada, which is compensation for lost economic development investment and opportunities;
  • ·       Support for and promotion of traditional harvesting activities;
  • ·       Environmental protection of on-Reserve and off-Reserve lands; and
  • ·       Facilitation of KFN engagement in a wide range of s.35 consultation processes required by law to protect and accommodate KFN rights and interests.
  • ·       Managing KFN Land leasing


Contact Lands and Resource Director

Name Peter Redvers-Director
Phone 1 (867) 874-6701
Fax 1 (867) 874-3229
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Name Henry Tambour- Land Dept. Technician
Phone 1 (867) 874-6701
Fax 1 (867) 874-3229
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