Kamba Carnival




The K'amba Carnival Committee organizes the annual winter activities on the first weekend of March. The Reserve comes to life as people gather to celebrate spring and to compete in indoor/outdoor events for all ages.

The K'amba Carnival also crowns the Queen consisting of teenage female contestants vieing for the top spot with carnival ticket sales

Some of the major events during the carnival are the talent shows for both youth and adults, also dogsled races, Handgame tournaments also there is a snowmobile competition held by an outside vendor during this time of year

People travel from all across the north for this spring time carnival .


2015 Queen Shania Pierre


2014 Queen Leah Cayen


2013 Queen Aela Beaulieu


2012 Queen Ashley Felker

2011 Queen Shaylynn StJean and Princess Annabelle Daigneault


2010 Queen Michelle Graham

2009 Queen Meranda St jean

2007 Queen Sasha Cayen

2006 Queen Kayla Maurice

2005 Christy Woledge

2004 Deanna Tambour