• Katlodeeche First Nation History

    The area around Hay River has long been a gathering place for the South Slavey. The abundant fish stocks of Great Slave Lake around the mouth of the Hay River called the Dene back every summer. In the winter, the families that had gathered on the east banks of the Hay could be found on the shores of Buffalo Lake, south of the present-day reserve. Here, the winter hunting and trapping was quite good.
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  • Who Are the Dene

    The Dene people are the original habitants of the area of land stretching east to west from the Hudson Bay to the interior of Alaska, and south to north from central Alberta to the Arctic Ocean.  
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  • Katlodeeche First Nation

      Today the Katlodeeche First Nation Reserve is a thriving community. Since the 70’s, it has healed many wounds and built a viable economic base for itself and for its children. Development continues on many fronts, and the Dene continue to find answers to today’s problems that are both innovative and consistent with their traditions.  
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  • NWT Wildlife Act Conference

      The Wildlife Act Conference will be held on Katlodeeche First Nation Territory. The main conference will be held in the Chief Lamalice Complex. It is a comprehensive exploration and collaborative 3 day event that will include brainstorming; planning, sharing of knowledge, guest speaker presentations, regarding the Wildlife Act and the Potential impacts on Treaty 8 & 11 rights regarding hunting and trapping.
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